Can you eat your Christmas tree?

Good news, yes you can eat your Christmas tree – sort of. Christmas trees can be of fir, spruce, pine and others, with the most common species being fir. Before we proceed further lets first learn to identify what kind of tree you have. We cannot assume that you have a fir tree in your living room, lets be sure.

Both spruce and fir trees have their needles attached individually along each branch, unlike pine needles that are grouped in two, three, or five. Spruce needles are sharply pointed, square and easy to roll between your fingers. Fir needles are soft, flat and cannot be rolled so easily.

Most conifers (with the exception of English Yew and Hemlock) can be used to make a tea from the needles. It is high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. It is also reported to be good for sore throats. I have heard of many people using coniferous trees to infuse with vodka. I have yet to try this because I don’t drink alcohol but it sounds like a great idea. Popular with many is the use of spruce, fir, pine and others to be used to make essential oils.

The possibilities are many, remember to do your research into the tree species and potential dangers. Do not consume parts of a tree that may contain pesticides or come from a heavily polluted area like a roadside.


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