Danelions for dinner

Dandelion is not a favorite among most. This weed is widespread on lawns and fields everywhere you look. But the dandelion is actually quite useful and nutritious.

The leaves of the dandelion can be picked any time of year. These are quite bitter, although the younger smaller leaves are slightly less bitter. They can be eaten fresh in a salad or boiled in a soup or stew.

The head of the dandelion is very tasty, a great addition to salad and can even be made into a wine. Others have added dandelion heads to bread and pancakes.

The roots of the dandelion can be used to make a tea or roasted and used as a substitute for coffee.

As we see here, the dandelion is a very useful plant. I may have not covered all of the uses for this wonderful plant. Next time you see a dandelion feel welcome to try a taste. Just remember to eat from a location you are sure is safe and clean.

Happy foraging.

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