The joy of foraging for food

Satisfaction of discovery – What I like to call the satisfaction of discovery is when you search without knowing when or if you are going to find the plant, fungus or animal you are looking for. When you finally find the food you are after you get that joy of discovery.

You accomplish gathering your meals on your own. There is no one doing things for you. This is yours and you have made this possible. By gathering your food with your own hands you have a greater connection to the food. You know where it came from, you can be sure what you are putting into you and your families body is safe. Not only are you connected to your meal (adding to your inner satisfaction of the meal) but you also connect with all of nature. Connecting with nature, walking among the trees touching the dirt, elevates your mood and puts your mind in a more optimized state.

Exercise is another clear benefit. You are gathering healthy food and getting exercise. The process of gathering your own wild edibles keeps you healthier physically, as well as mentally. I hope more people discover the benefits.

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